Thursday, September 30, 2010

Halloween Countdown pages

It’s been a bit busy here, but I have been working away on the pages of the Countdown book.  Yesterday I spent a big part of the day doing laundry for our weekend trip and making embellishments with my Cricut, lots of Stickles and whatever else I needed.  Once again, the nasty cutting mat!  P1060519

The cuts are all from Paper Doll Dress Up except for the candy corn which I made by gluing an orange and yellow strip of paper to a inch strip of white paper and then cutting the angles and rounding the corners. Easy Peasy!  This cart has so cuts I’ve used, and I don’t often use the paper dolls.  It’s a great all purpose graphics cart. 

So here is a bunch of pictures from the album. They are pretty simple because the book will be handled a lot by children and too many fussy details would be destroyed unintentionally by little hands. 



P1060524 P1060526  P1060528



Hopefully I’ll be able to post more pages this evening.  Right now I’ve got a couple of errands to run! 

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