Thursday, August 27, 2009

Baby shower centerpiece

Yes, I’ve finished it. It was my first attempt at a flower centerpiece, and it didn’t turn out too bad. It also went together fairly quickly.  I used the flower from George and cut them from 2 1/2 inches to 3 inches.  Then I embossed them with my Cuttlebug and the Swiss Dot and swirls folders.  I used some yellow  pompons for the centers, wrapped the stems with florist tape and stuck them in a pot.  I cut the bassinet from the New Arrivals cart  at 6 inches and Cuttlebugged it with the Swiss dot folder.  I cut Kassidy’s name from the Storybook Cart at 3 inches.  Not bad.  P1040767

A close up of the flowers:


That’s a good day’s work! 


It’s done and ready to be wrapped and presented to my niece.  So here are the last few pages. 


I used Walk in My Garden for the little flowers and little green jewels in the middle.  I used Storybook for the flowers and added stickles and Alphalious for the Baby o Mine.  I really like the way these two pages turned out.  



I’m just going to admit it!  I came up dry on these two pages.  I just couldn’t come up with an inspiration and ended up using my Pooh Font cart for the baby Pooh and some flowers I had left over from a couple of previous pages. 



I love the way these two pages turned out.  I was able to replicate the design on the paper with the Storybook cart and with the help of Stickles—gotta love those Stickles—it turned out very nicely. 

And finally the last two pages.  They are sort of funky but in a fun way. 



I used my Accent Essentials for those starbursts and added the heart from George in the middle. 

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I’m done and it feels so good.  Now I’m off to make a centerpiece for the shower. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I’m sharing my busyness!

I know it’s been a few days since I’ve posted anything here but it’s not because I’ve not been busy.  I’ve been very busy. 

First of all I stopped everything yesterday to make my husband a card for his birthday and I think it turned out OK despite a couple of booboos that I had to cover up.  He liked it any way.  I was inspired by the Cuttlebug Spot challenge to use the hot.  I’d been turning and turning my brain to come up with an idea for Jim’s card.  The minute I read Nilda’s post on the Cricut messageboard I knew exactly what I was going to do.  Executing it was another thing.  My inspirations don’t always turn out how I see them in my head, but I made a couple of adjustments and it was acceptable.  So with out further delay, here it is. 

P1040738   I used the Pooh font and the flames from Cars.  I turned the flames right side up varied the sizes and welded them with my Design Studio.  I used some Stickles to make them look more like fire and popped them away from the body of the card.  The OOH La La is a studio G stamp and the border around the round element is a Perfectly Clear stamp.  He loved it. 

On with Kassidy’s  album which I’ve been plodding away at.  Here’s what I’ve accomplished so far and I hope to almost finish it except for little details tonight. 



These two page are pretty simple.  Really I’ve done the whole album with little more than the DCWV Baby Girl stack, cardstock, my Cricut and the carts I have and a few very basic embellishments—Stickles, buttons, ribbon, and some jewels. 


P1040746  This layout will fall during the months of October and so despite it being a baby layout I tried to add a bit of fall so that my niece can use it to record Kassidy’s 1st Halloween and Thanksgiving.  I used my Martha Stewart Threading Water punch on this page and the rest is my Cricut.  P1040747


These layouts will fall during Kassidy’s 1st Christmas and are the only layouts I used any other embellishments that I didn’t create myself.  These are Jolee’s that I had in my stash. 


The above layouts are made so she can winter photos. The snowflakes are from Joys of the Season and I stickled them and used my white pen to give them some more definition.   P1040751


Again, I tried to make pages according to the holiday that falls in that month.  Valentines Day will give Melissa a chance to use photos that follow that theme.  



I didn’t really have a theme for this but in March everyone is looking forward to spring so I tried to make a bright, cheerful layout. 

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Twice in one day

Here’s the next installment of the Kassidy’s 1st year album.  I used that wonderful drop flower on George and Basic Shapes and Stickled them and then the little bunny from New Arrival.  The paper is once again from the DCWV Baby Girl stack.  It’s not fancy but I think it’s cute. 



Aren’t some days just a trial in getting through them!

Yes, this has been one of those days although the whole day wasn’t.  On days like this I usually like to bury myself in something I enjoy and don’t have to think about.  So here it is—two more altered notebooks and some extra goodies I made to go with them.  They for two more of my grandchildren and I hope to finish the final three before the weekend is over.  For the first one I used Happily Ever After and I think it turned out very nicely.  Abby will love it.  The shoe is a magnetic bookmark and the coach which is very glitzy is a big paper clip.  I used lots of Stickles for these projects and the paper is Disney. I bought it several years and just love it.  



Here’s a close up of the coach paper clip.  See all the beautiful Stickles. 


Here’s the magnetic bookmark.  I think I’ll the Read or Dream to it. 


And finally the pencil case which I am totally not happy with, but I know Abby will like it. 



The second one is using once again Sports Mania and rather plain considering the Cinderella one above.


Again, I made a magnetic book mark and a paper clip with the baseball mitt. Cayden will love them.  Oh the pencils cases are from Tags, Bags and Boxes and I fiddled with the crayon box until it’s dimensions could hold 5 pencils.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The First Year Album Continued . . .

I don’t know what happens to all the minutes of my day.  I’ve not really had time to blog about the album even though I’d done most of the work on these two pages several nights ago.  Last night I finished these pages and one of my grandson’s altered notebooks and this morning I’m determined to get the album posted.  Hopefully the notebooks will follow later today.  So here is the first pic.


I used New Arrival for the bassinet and after I was finished putting it together I thought it would have been better had I used my Cuttlebug and the Swiss dot folder on it.  I used my Storybook cartridge for the “Month One” title and the floral border at the bottom of the page, and George for the little flowers.  I added some Stickles for a little bling.  I also used my Fiskars Threading Water punch for the bottoms of the journaling blocks. 


If you look closely or maybe not so close, you’ll see that I put the paper on upside down.  How did I do that?  By the time I noticed it, it was too late to do anything and I had no more paper.  Phooey!  I also really need to work on adding more dimension to my work.  P1040727

This is the second page.  I’m giving my niece room enough for a few photos and lots of room to journal.  I sure hope she’ll like it. 

Thursday, August 13, 2009

An abrupt interruption

I thought I’d spend the day working on the baby album for my new grand niece but as usual other considerations interrupted those plans.  I started a facebook conversation with my sister and before I knew it I was volunteering to make invitations for the shower. 

So to work I went after, of course a quick trip to Hobby Lobby to find some paper and then in my few spare moments I came up with this. 


I used Walk in my Garden with the #1 flower cut twice at 3” and once at 1 3/4 and I inked the edges with a lavender ink pad.  The stem is the twig and leaves from Zoo Balloo cut at 1” and then I drew in the details with a Meadow Green Bic Mark it. Then I cut the Baby Shower is from New Arrival at 2 1/2 inches.  I used Stickles at the middle of the flower and it’s still not dry.  The paper is from My Mind’s Eye and the cardstock is Hobby Lobby card stock as is the ribbon.  I think it turned out OK> 

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kassidy’s First Year

Two weeks ago I became a great aunt for the first time and she is a cutie.  My nephew and his wife have named their little bundle of joy Kassidy and for my baby gift to them I am making an album for them to record their baby’s first year.  I thought I’d share it with you as I work to complete it.   Today I finished the cover between fixing dinner and playing with my 13 month old grandson. 

I am using the Baby Girl DCWV stack for most of it. I wanted to make it big enough to record new developments in the baby each month and possibly an important event and a couple of pictures each month, so I cut it out at 8X10.  I used chip board between the sheets of paper for the covers and just glued the other sheets back to back.  I cut the corners and flourish from Storybook, love that cart, and the title with Alphalious, another favorite.  I don’t have access to really great flowers, but these are from Hobby Lobby and Paper Studio and I think they do the job. I used a translucent pink button with a jewel in the middle. Also I used Stickles, Fruit Punch,  to highlight the hearts on the corners and the bits on the flourish.  So far I’m pretty happy with the results.  I’ll try to add a page a day and share here.  P1040718

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Luxury of Saturday

There is something deliciously decadent about a Saturday. It is an enticing prospect to look forward at a day unencumbered by schedules or requirements.  That’s today and I have to admit I’ve been looking forward to it all week. My husband is off to Peoria with his mother and I am here all alone in the house with nothing to do!  Now I love Jim and I’d rather spend the day with him and anything or anyone else but how marvelous to have this day! 

I’ll be making a little scrapbooking shopping trip to pick up some essentials and then I’m holing up in my scrapbooking room to create.  However, before I’m off to shop, I thought I’d share a couple of projects I’ve been working on. 

Having seen some altered notebooks, I thought I’d do one for each of my grandchildren.  I also plan on making pencil cases and some other little things they can use as they go back to school.  So here goes.  Let me know what you think. 

I used my Cricut and the Sports Mania cartridge for these.


This one is for my oldest grandson and he loves basketball.  I love the contrast of the greens with the color of the basket ball.  I used the basketball border for the edges and mitered the corners. 



I used the football edge for this one.  And though you can’t see it here the “football is LIFE” is in red.


This last one is actually the first one I did.  The golf ball border is nice and silly me, I even put it on the back of the notebook which led me to not put the borders on the backs of the others. 


I’ve got 5 more to do! 

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Christmas tags

I’ve been busy in my scrap room scrapbooking and creating and I thought I’d share the project I finished today.  I am making Christmas gift tags and this first photo is the folder I created to put 12 of them in. 


I made three different designs of four each.


I used my Cricut and Joys of the Season and Christmas cheer cartridges.  I tried to do something special to each design to make it different and unique on it’s own.  The tag with Christmas stockings has puffy paint on the white cuff and toes.  The Christmas tree one has glitter glue and I stamped some swirls on the background.  On the snowflake tag I ran the green base through my Cuttlebug using the snowflake embossing folder and cut the snowflakes from DCWV’s glitter paper.  Then I placed a dark blue jewel in the center of each snowflake.  I am pretty happy with the results. 




What do you think?