Thursday, August 20, 2009

Aren’t some days just a trial in getting through them!

Yes, this has been one of those days although the whole day wasn’t.  On days like this I usually like to bury myself in something I enjoy and don’t have to think about.  So here it is—two more altered notebooks and some extra goodies I made to go with them.  They for two more of my grandchildren and I hope to finish the final three before the weekend is over.  For the first one I used Happily Ever After and I think it turned out very nicely.  Abby will love it.  The shoe is a magnetic bookmark and the coach which is very glitzy is a big paper clip.  I used lots of Stickles for these projects and the paper is Disney. I bought it several years and just love it.  



Here’s a close up of the coach paper clip.  See all the beautiful Stickles. 


Here’s the magnetic bookmark.  I think I’ll the Read or Dream to it. 


And finally the pencil case which I am totally not happy with, but I know Abby will like it. 



The second one is using once again Sports Mania and rather plain considering the Cinderella one above.


Again, I made a magnetic book mark and a paper clip with the baseball mitt. Cayden will love them.  Oh the pencils cases are from Tags, Bags and Boxes and I fiddled with the crayon box until it’s dimensions could hold 5 pencils.

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