Thursday, August 27, 2009


It’s done and ready to be wrapped and presented to my niece.  So here are the last few pages. 


I used Walk in My Garden for the little flowers and little green jewels in the middle.  I used Storybook for the flowers and added stickles and Alphalious for the Baby o Mine.  I really like the way these two pages turned out.  



I’m just going to admit it!  I came up dry on these two pages.  I just couldn’t come up with an inspiration and ended up using my Pooh Font cart for the baby Pooh and some flowers I had left over from a couple of previous pages. 



I love the way these two pages turned out.  I was able to replicate the design on the paper with the Storybook cart and with the help of Stickles—gotta love those Stickles—it turned out very nicely. 

And finally the last two pages.  They are sort of funky but in a fun way. 



I used my Accent Essentials for those starbursts and added the heart from George in the middle. 

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I’m done and it feels so good.  Now I’m off to make a centerpiece for the shower. 

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KatElisaCrafts said...

Great idea!!! I have 2 baby showers to go to. In the next two months. This would be a great idea! Hope the second baby shower is a girl since this one in few weeks is for a boy. Love the colors and everything! You are a great inspiration! TFS