Wednesday, September 29, 2010

While you wait

I am a little slow posting my progress on the Halloween Countdown book this morning. I’m not feeling the best and I really had to do some housework. Drat the awful housework! I have to admit though that I do love the feeling of a clean room when I’m though, and my bathroom is sparkling this morning. It feels so good!

Anyway while you wait I thought I’d post the list of all the activities we’ve put together for the tags in the Countdown book. I say we because my darling daughter Stacey helped with the list. You are the best Stace! So are you Amy.

But first a quick peek at what I’ve been doing so far. P1060517

Here’s the list. If anyone has additional ideas please leave me a comment.

  1. Go to the library and get some fall books.
  2. Go to the library and get a scary movie.
  3. Make brownies with a powdered sugar leaf outline on top.
  4. Make a brown, orange, burgundy, yellow and purple paper chain for your bedroom.
  5. Make caramel corn to share with your friends.
  6. Learn a silly tongue twister. (If two witches were watching two watches, which witch would watch which watch?)
  7. Make some paper napkin rings for your Halloween supper.
  8. Make a scarecrow with some old clothes for the front porch.
  9. Have a fall scavenger hunt.
  10. Draw the scariest spider you can! Cut it out and put it on the fridge!
  11. Make a scary menu for dinner. examples bloody breaded people fingers( chicken fingers with catsup) pickled eye balls(green grapes) intestines and blood (spaghetti)
  12. Go toss the football
  13. watch "its a great pumpkin" and pop popcorn
  14. make an obstacle course and run it
  15. build a scary monster out of legos
  16. Make a cup of homemade cocoa
  17. Go collect fallen leaves and make a leaf rubbing.
  18. make caramel apples
  19. carve a pumpkin
  20. roast pumpkin seeds
  21. rake leaves and jump in them
  22. go on a walk to see the changing leaves
  23. write a poem or story about your favorite fall activity
  24. bake a loaf of bread
  25. drink a cup of cider on your porch
  26. roast hotdogs on a bon fire
  27. roast marshmallows over the fire
  28. Ask your parents about their favorite Halloween memory and then tell yours.
  29. Decorate a paper bag to carry your treats in.
  30. Collect at least 10 different fall leaves.
  31. Go trick or treating with your parents and give them all your chocolate. Mawhaha!

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