Monday, September 13, 2010

Exciting Site

Ever put a word into your gypsy or DS looking for an image and come up with no possibilities that use cartridges you have?  You know you have a suitable image in the cartridges you have, but you can’t remember where. The Gypsy’s search feature seems especially poor.  DS’s search feature is better but not top-notch. 

Well girls, do I have good news for you.  I found this incredible site this morning and I wanted to share it with you.  It’s called and it’s crazy wonderful. 

I typed the word “duck” in and got a oodles of possibilities and it showed the page it is on in the handbook and exactly what the image is.  It seems very up-to-date and complete. Yowsa!  You are going to love it!

Go on over and try it out if you, like me, get frustrated with your current means of searching for images. 

Thank you for this wonderful resources whoever you are!!

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Shawn Mosch said...

Debra - I wanted to thank you for sharing with all of your readers. My name is Shawn, and I am the Mom from the family that created

It was a labor of love, and if you go to the about us page you can read all about how the whole family worked on it.

The ONLY cartridges that are NOT on are the 4 newest Solutions/Seasonal cartridges that have not been released . . . once there are images available of those, they will be added to the database.

Again, thank you for singing our praises. If you would like me to send you the code for a button to put on your site, just let me know.

The Mom of