Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Tiny Banner

Tiny things fascinate me. How did that guy write the whole Declaration of Independence on the head of a pin? Yes, I think about those things. It’s crazy being inside my head.

Any how every year I try to find new ways to celebrate my husband’s birthday, and this year I came up with the idea to make a banner that I could hang in his car. This little banner is the result of my labors. He loved getting in his car on the morning of his birthday and finding this banner hanging from his visor.

This is the banner that caused my head long plunge into banner mania.

It’s only about 2 feet long and the tags are only 1” wide. And those pinwheel rosettes? They’re ba---ck. They are barely 1” across and were tedious to fold and put together, but my man is worth it.


Once again I have to apologize for the photography. I really could not get a good photo of this banner no matter what I did.

I used Coredinations card stock again. I love that stuff. It cuts like a dream on my Expression and is so easy to work with. The ribbon is from Hobby Lobby from their fabric department. Instead of hot gluing them to the ribbon, I used staples which I thought gave it a slightly industrial/manly look. I used A Child’s Year for the tags and Base Camp for the lettering. Besides the rosettes which I love to use and hate to make, it was a pretty quick banner.

Here’s a close up and then I’ll let you go:P1060408

Darn! I wish I could get a better picture.

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