Monday, September 13, 2010

This is a Banner Week.

A couple of weeks ago I went a little nuts with banners.  I kept making them.  I couldn’t stop!  I kept finding reasons to make the gorgeous things. There was a short moment when I thought I’d have to join a 12 step program.  Any way I thought I’d save them all and give you a week of banners.  So, are you ready?

Here’s #1: 

It’s a birthday banner.   I made it because we had 4 birthdays in one week and I thought “I should make a birthday banner.”  So I did. 




Do not pay attention to the strange arm and body in the background taking the picture.  She is merely a necessary evil in this whole thing. 

Here’s a close up:


I used my Mini Monograms Cricut cart for the lettering and the scalloped circles. Poor thing, it’s so neglected since I’ve got so many more cartridges.  And really I don’t have that many. Really, I’m not exaggerating. I wouldn’t do that.

The tags are from  . . . Winter Woodlands?  I really like this tag and have used it over and  over.

The card stock is C’ordinations.  There are only 2 pieces of patterned paper, and they are from Daisy D’s. I’ve had them forever. Is Daisy D’s even in business any more?

I added faux stitching because somehow it always makes my projects feel finished and I don’t like using my sewing machine on paper.  Another quirk I have.  For some reason I have this notion it’s not good for my machine.  

The hardest part of this banner was those darned little accordion pinwheels.  So many of them and my fingers were cramping after a while. I don’t have a Martha Steward scoring board so it was one score at a time on my Fiskars paper trimmer with a scoring blade.  What a headache.  My tenacity sometimes amazes me. 

I hot glued the tags to ribbon and left enough to hang it.  The ribbon was left over from doing my son and daughter’s wedding flowers.  I knew I’d find a reason to use the rest of it. 


So there!  Monday’s banner. 

Tomorrow’s banner is a tiny little treasure.  But you’ll have to wait for TINY TUESDAY! 

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