Sunday, September 19, 2010

A New Week of Remembering

This week I’ll return to my first love in paper crafting—scrapbooking.

Last week my aunt passed away. She is really the last member of my father’s family I had any contact with, and with both my parents gone, it is a grief that has been hard to bear.

I hadn’t quite decided what I would concentrate on this week, but as I sat thinking about my aunt, I remembered a photo that I had brought home after packing up my mother’s things when we had to put her in a nursing home. My mother passed away last December 30, and I’ve been going through these old pictures quite a bit since then.

Then my mother’s twin sister sent me a copy of a photo of almost the whole family when she and my mother were teenagers that I had never seen before. You have to understand that my mother’s family of origin was not your run of the mill large family. They were the Duggars before the Duggars became the Duggars. At one time they were the largest family in the state of Colorado and had their picture taken for the Rocky Mountain News. But that’s another photo and another story.

Any way, the photo of my aunt and uncle and this huge family photo of my mother’s family made me yearn to scrap them and put in words my feelings for my family.

So I’ll be sharing some heritage scrapping this week. Starting tomorrow I’ll be sharing some family photos and some ideas for scrapping old photos.

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