Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Little Album

I made this little album for my sister’s birthday. That was back in July, so you can see how I’ve been hoarding these pictures back waiting for a time to share with you. Please forgive the really bad photography. I’m not that great at it and these pictures were taken on the run just before we loaded up the car to go to my daughter’s for our big party.

Anyway here it is:


This album was made to use the 5 1/2” x5 1/2” envelopes. It had some nice pockets for which I made journaling tags and tags for extra journaling.

I made this album as quick and easy as possible as I only got the bug to do it a few days before the party and am a known dawdler. I used my cricut carts Forever Young for the flowers, Walk in my Garden for the bugs and the lettering and foliage was from Ashley—I think. I inked and did faux stitching in several places. The paper was mostly from Hobby Lobby and was bought originally to do baby shower invites for my sister’s grandbaby. I thought that made a nice connection for my sister since she will be putting that baby’s pictures in it. P1060039

I used dimensionals to pop the elements on the cover. It turned out very nice and I didn’t spend much time on it. P1060040

As you can see I used a very simple template that I established on this page. This made the album quick and easy to assemble once I had cut out, stickled, inked and wha ever else I decided to do. I made the really big flowers from Forever Young to be used as photo mats. It helped fill the page and gave interest I think.


On the opposite pages I just included a square photo mat and a simple embellishment. I also used a lot of ribbon. Another fun detail is that I cut tabs from From my Kitchen and put them on the pages to add some interest. I will show you the tags later that slipped into the envelope pockets.


I started to just include the plain tag, but it seemed just that too plain so I added a photo mat and the flowers from Forever Young gave a nice finish to the tags.


Ok, no discussion for now just pictures.


This next photo shows that I choose to use the flap of the envelop as part of the decoration for the page.

P1060046 P1060048

I did make multiples of the bugs, so that’s why you are seeing the same bugs. I also used quite a few buttons.


P1060052 I’ve included some pictures of the tags that I matted on one side and then stamped with lines for journaling. P1060054


I am famous for starting a project and letting my brain go so crazy on how to make it perfect, that the project begins to take on a life of it’s own and takes me forever to finish. When I photographed this tag, I really wanted to run back to my scrapping room and add flowers to the other side of the tag. But I didn’t. I loaded it into the car and my sister loved it as much as if I had added the flowers.

Lesson: People can love what I give them even if it’s not as perfect as I think it could be. I can do more projects by not obsessing so much.

Will I have to learn it again? I will!


1Caliscrapper said...

OMG this book is sooooo cute. Would it be okay if I scrap lifted this. I love to make mini books and this one is just way cute!!! Thanks for sharing your talent

Debra said...

Scraplift away Cali. I don't mind a bit.