Friday, October 1, 2010

A change from the expected programming

I am really sorry folks. Try as I might to get more done on the Halloween Countdown book done, I just couldn’t get much more done.  We are leaving for the weekend and have bogged down getting ready for the trip.  I won’t have any access to the internet and will be too busy to even think of blogging!  I’m going to celebrate my 12 year-old grandson’s birthday.  It seems only yesterday I held him for the first time!  He is my sweetie and I am looking forward to being with him for his birthday celebration.  

However, I am not leaving you without  inspiration! 

Often when I am finished with a project, I have a pile of scraps that are really not worth saving, but being the paper miser I am, I am hesitant to throw them away!  This summer having finished the mini album for my sister, a Christmas album for my daughter I had quite a pile.  I even had a few Cricut cuts that I didn’t want to throw away.  I do have a folder with Cricut cuts that I don’t use and often go to that folder when I need an extra embellishment. 

Any way I looked at my pile of tiny scraps and thought I would challenge myself to make a couple of cards with just the scraps I had and that I would cut them as little as possible. 

I am sharing those with you now as an alternative offering. 

The first one is a Christmas card and I kid you not ,I didn’t cut one piece of paper.  I even pulled the card base out scrap drawer and it was just the size.  Some adhesive , some faux stitching and a pop dot and this was the result! 


This next card used scraps from my sister’s mini album and some leftover cuts from other flowers I had cut out.  I didn’t have to cut the card base but every other piece of paper got only some trimming and faux stitching. I inked the flowers and added the pearl to the middle of the little pink flower and a jewel to the center of one of the other flowers and I was done.  I even had the leaf leftover from another project! 


How about you?  What could you make right now from that little pile of seemingly useless leftover bits and pieces?  Give it a try! 

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