Monday, November 22, 2010

An ornament and a pass

No, no one made a pass on me or my ornament. 

It’s been a very busy weekend with my next to oldest grandson.  We went to see Harry Potter 7 Part 1 and then to the local Christmas parade.  It was cold!  Brrr!  But not nearly as cold for us as it was for the belly dancers who shimmied down the street with bare midriffs! 

We took Cayden back home today and it was a 6 hour trip total so there’s hardly been any time for my little pink studio and all that paper. 

I do still have a couple of little projects for you.  One is another ornament for my little studio Christmas tree and the other is  a pass.  First the ornament:


This fan is from Ashlyn’s Alphabet and is the second fan.  I used the shadow feature and cut a second fan that I flipped with my Gypsy.  The paper is Paper Studio from Hobby Lobby and the roses are ribbon roses I picked up from the bridal section at Hobby Lobby.  I have a little collections of these as I do so many things. The fan is also edged with Stickles.  It turned out very nice I think.  It’s cut at 3.5”.  I wrapped the handle with ribbon and punched the hole for the ribbon hanger on the side of the fan. 


I am working on some other ornament ideas I hope to share later in the week. 

For my other little project I have some hall passes I made for a friend who teaches high school English.  Her passes have been walking away, so I made a couple of clearly identifiable hall passes.  They turned out cute and very clean looking I think! I laminated them for durability. 


I gave them a little faux stitching to pull it all together.  I used the icon feature on the Mickey and Friends for the bomb and I used Base Camp for the letters and their shadow. I even used George for the base which is 3 x2”. On the back I used Cuttin UP for the lettering, and I welded all the lettering with my Gypsy.  Love my Gypsy!



I’ll be giving Melissa her passes tomorrow and though I know it wasn’t a complicated project or very involved, I know Melissa will love them.  They cost me very little to make as I used scraps, but I know they will be appreciated.  I hope you all have a fabulous beginning to a new week! 


njgramma said...

Debra, I really like the fan. I had no idea there was a fan on that cartrigde!
Pleawe visit my blog, there is something there I want to give you.


Debra said...

Thanks Mindy!