Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Super hero and a fuzzy Kitty

OR two Christmas tags. 

I am suffering from the too much to do and not enough energy or time.  But after I got home from work last night and made some yummy ham, corn and potato chowder for supper, I hurried into my little pink studio and made these two tags. 

I have tags to make for the gifts for at least 13 people and usually I make a set of the 5 or 6 tags and make multiples, but this year because I have so much time and abundant energy Smile with tongue out I thought it might be fun to stretch my creative gene and make special tags for each person—maybe just one per person and then crank out my usual tags.  I’m sharing the 2 I created last night.  Hope you like them. 


The Hello Kitty tag measures about 7 inches!  I know—Huge!  The Superman tag is only about 3.5 inches.

I used Hello Kitty Greetings for the Kitty tag and Superman for the Superman tag.  The hat comes from Christmas Cheer and the base for the Hello Kitty tag comes from Gypsy Wanderings. I love the way this tag turned out and it wasn’t hard to put together because I cut the kitty out at 4”. That reindeer cut is adorable. 


The patterned paper is from last year’s Premium DCWV Christmas stack which if you are interested is still available at  for $5.99 if you hurry!  The card stock is all scraps from my scrap drawers. 



And there you have an example of my horrible stamping.

This cut is from the Superman cart and was perfect for a Christmas tag because of the wreath like border around the emblem.  I just welded the Santa cap onto the yellow base and then cut out and glued the hat in place.  I like it! 




Now I’ve just got to come up with a few more special tags!

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