Monday, January 10, 2011

I’m back—again and my anniversary card!

I’ve been gone way longer than I intended!  Whew, and it has been a crazy two weeks.  First, there was Christmas, and then I had my oldest daughter and her 3 of my grandson’s here which was a joy!  However, the boys were all sick and by News Years Eve, they had graciously shared their crud with me.  New Years Eve morning I awoke so sick I couldn’t not get out of bed.  Since we had planned to have our families Christmas that weekend, it was not a good time to be sick.   But my kids joined in and took care of everything and the celebration went on even though I couldn’t help at all and wasn’t much fun to be around. 

And right here, I want to say that my daughter Amy made some of the best finger foods and goodies for New Years Eve.  She is awesome!  Her sister Stacey is pretty stinkin’ great too! My son is a great guy also.  Hey! The fact is I have three of the best kids anywhere!

My family all left New Years day late ,and I literally spent most of my time in bed for the next week trying to get well.  At one point, my little grandson, Chaz was so sick, he couldn’t go to day care and so he came and both of us spent the day curled up in my bed watching Disney movies, coughing and sleeping the day away. 

Then my beloved doggy, Maisie became very ill and had to have surgery.  I was very worried and almost beside myself with the thought that we might lose her.  She is much better and I’m so happy she is recovering so nicely. 

In all of that somewhere my husband and I celebrated 38 years of marriage and I made him this card.  I’m going to share it with you now. 

The thing about my husband is I can’t live without him!  That’s what I wanted to tell him in this card.  He liked it and I think it’s a tolerable card. 


The lettering is Alphalicous cut at 1” and welded with my Gypsy.  The heart is from George cut at 1 1/4”.  I wrote the “to you” free hand.  The papers are all from my stash and from unknown sources.  Pop dots were used to add dimension and interest and the ribbon is from Hobby Lobby.  P1070710

The inside . . . well, it’s got a lot of sloppy, lovey dovey stuff about how I love him and he’s the center of my world and I yearn for him all the time and . . . well, that’s enough about that! 


It turned out appropriately masculine and that was my aim. 

I might actually get this up before midnight and the start of another day.  I promise I will be back tomorrow with another project.  I mean it!  Tomorrow! 

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