Thursday, January 20, 2011

14 days of Valentines box

I decided to show you the Valentines box I made 2 years ago for my husband’s 14 days of Valentines. I don’t think I’ve shared it any where before. 


I bought the paper mache box at Hobby Lobby.  It’s about 10” square and I covered it with paper I bought at Hobby Lobby.  It’s been a while since I made  it so the Cricut cuts are a mystery to me. I’ll give you a view of all the sides.


Each side of the box says something different. 


The top is special because I wrote a poem that I put under the heart. hat explains the purpose of the box.  You can lift the sides of the heart to expose it.  P1070814

I added a little bling and it really does look good. 


I heat embossed all the stamps which gave them a glossy slick look, and yes, I individually put each one of those rhinestones on there. For the entire box I inked the edges and then sanded them down so the box has an used and old look.


And there’s the poem.  Yeah, if you could read it, you would know it is bad poetry and down right sappy.


And there it is!  My honey gets excited when he sees I’ve pulled it out of the closet because he knows I’m getting everything together for his special 14 days of love. 

Tomorrow I’ll have one of the gifts I’m going to stick in there to show you.  Actually it’s sort of a selfish one! 

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