Monday, April 15, 2013

A Broken, Dated Light Fixture Gets a Makeover

Makeovers--I want one, but I'll have to settle for this quick one I gave an old light fixture. 


I had one of these except think brass and 70's with plastic candles that were crumbling to nothing.  Three or four years ago we took this fixture out of our entryway and put up a new pendant that matched all the light fixtures in our dining room and hallways.  

Being the pack rat I am, I stuck this fixture into a box, thinking I might have a garage sale and get a couple of dollars for it. Yeah, right! I never had that garage sale.  

I've been looking at all these amazing cloches and wishing I had one, or two, or three, or . . .  Anyway one day when I going through my junk, I  came across this light fixture and LIGHTBULB!  I had an idea.  So I dragged it out of the box dissembled it,  painted the brass cap, used some 6000 glue to attach the metal part to the glass one and Viola!  A cloche that is uniquely mine.  And best of all, it was free!  

Excuse the lousy photo.  I took it at night and, well, it stinks, but you get the idea.  

 It is pretty and I think with the antique brass painted white, it works.

I love it.  I just have to learn how to use it more effectively.  I also love that this broken, out of date fixture has new life and totally different purpose.  And it was free! 

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